Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a new puppy or dog is an exciting and life-changing time.
We want to help to make sure the experience is as happy and trouble free as possible.


  1. Are you a member of the Breed Club?
  2. Do you follow the Parent Club Code of Ethics?
  3. Do you have a copy of the Code of Ethics I could review?
  4. Do you belong to any breed clubs or breed organizations?
  5. How many litters do you have in a year?
  6. At what age do you breed your dogs?
  7. What are the known health problems with this breed?
  8. What steps are you taking to minimize the chance of those health problems occurring in your litters?
  9. Do you have test results (like OFA papers for testing hips) on both parents that I could review?
  10. What requirements must a puppy buyer meet to receive one of your puppies?
  11. Do you require a contract? If so, what are the terms and guarantees?
  12. What does your contract say about
    12.1. hereditary problems?
    12.2. type of registration (limited or full)?
    12.3. about spaying and neutering?
  13. Do you take your dogs back at any time in their lifetime if a pet owner decides he or she no longer wants the dog?
  14. At what age do you place the puppies in their new home?
  15. Will the puppies have had their first set of vaccinations before placement?
    (Questions courtesy of Pet Education)


1. Yes, I am a member of the Eastern Counties Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Society and the Cavalier Club. arrow
2. Yes, see file "Code of Ethics" >>>. arrow
3. See copy of "Code of Ethics" >>> arrow
4. I am a member of Eastern Counties Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Society and The Accredited Breeder/Kennel Club arrow
5. At the moment I have only one litter in a year. arrow
6. I breed my dogs at the age of 2 years onwards. arrow
7. Known health problems with Cavalier King Charles are mainly heart murmurs, eye problems and syringomyelia;
read more details here >>> . arrow
8. I put all my dogs through health test (Kennel Club), have them MRI scanned and only use clear stock. arrow
9. Yes, I can provide paperwork for my dogs. For the sire, you can look it up on the Kennel Club website. arrow
10. Home and potential buyers to be vetted, regular visits to see the pups required and requirement that there must be someone home all day with the puppy. arrow
11. See contract copy>>> arrow
12. 1. That my breeding stock has been tested to be healthy to give the pups as good a start as possible. arrow
12.2. My pups are all KC registered and endorsements can be put on there. arrow
12.3. These are up to the new owner. arrow
13. Yes, I would take them back anytime. arrow
14. My puppies go to their new owner at 8-12 weeks of age. arrow
15. I have the puppies vaccinated only if the new owner has requested it. arrow